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Wedding Ceremony at La Costa de Amor

The wedding ceremony at the private beach is one of the most exciting offers! This white sand beach is purposely equipped for photo shoots: a wooden pier, boats, bamboo fences, swings, benches are among the props. No sunbeds or tourists around! This is a perfect choice for honeymooners!

It takes half an hour driving to get to the destination point.



  1. The meeting at a time convenient to you;
  2. Décor: various wedding arch styles available; the table is in marine style and a seashell for wedding rings;
  3.  A wedding bunch of flowers and boutonniere of different styles for you to choose, rose petals;
  4. Stereo system for music;
  5. A bottle of champagne, water and glasses;
  6. A “Sand Ceremony” ritual;
  7. Hammock, swings.

Wedding arch styles



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