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La Costa de Amor

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This magnificent beach has it all for the most adorable photo shoot! Besides luxurious palm trees and white powder-soft sand you definitely will be amazed by the wooden pier, boats, swings and many more. It’s important for us you to feel absolutely relaxed and comfortable during the photo shooting. Imagine yourself the only person on this gorgeous private beach!

The advantages of the photo shoot: the survey is held on a small and beautiful private beach, there are no extraneous people (another photo session may be taken nearby). Beach is cleaned on a daily basis. 

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Included services:

- payment of the right of shooting at La Costa de Amor beach

- minimum 150 photos (all processed manually by color correction)

- 1,5 hours duration

round-trip transportation

1730_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_punta_cana_1.jpg 1790_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_1.jpg 1720_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_punta_cana_macao_2.jpg 1580_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_dominicana_photo_shoot_1.jpg



Included services:

- payment of the right of shooting at La Costa de Amor beach

- minimum 200 photos (color correction)

- 10 retouched photos

- 2+ hours duration

round-trip transportation

1600_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_dominicana_2.jpg 1590_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_dominicana_photo_shoot_1.jpg 1570_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_dominicana_photo_shoot_1.jpg 225_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_moscow_2.jpg



Included services:

- payment of the right of shooting at La Costa de Amor beach

- minimum 250 photos (color correction)

- 15 retouched photos

- 3 hours duration

round-trip transportation

1790_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_1.jpg 1100_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_0.jpg 24_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_punta_cana_0.jpg 1550_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_dominicana_photo_shoot_2.jpg

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