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Jaguar Look



Portugues, Français, Deutsch, Español, Русский

Hi, my name is Alexander Kuzmin and i'm a professional photographer. In the Dominican Republic I am good in individual photo sessions, love storys and weddings. My clients are completely different people. Among them there are couples who many times did a photo shoot and professional models. But most of my clients are ordinary people who recently got married, and some of them have the first photo shoot in their life.

Most of my work is that I help people find the most profitable angles for shootihg.The photo session takes place in an easy and relaxed atmosphere. Finally, even the most inexperienced people relax and begin to understand how to behave in the frame.

Let the rest say my portfolio

7_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_punta_cana_1.jpg 10_santo_domingo_dominicana_0.jpg 18_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_0.jpg 19_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_0.jpg

Why do beach photo shoots are special and how to prepare for them?

First, take in to account bad weather conditions. Rainy weather is not a rare case in Dominican Republic. Most people try to get tanned before the photo shoot and often postpone it on later dates. So make sure you have few days ahead to change the date of your photo shoot.

Second, remember that irritated skin after sunbathing is not good for retouching. Please do not sunbathe right before the photo shoot. Dominican cacao creams help to soften your skin and make it shine. Use this cream after you got sunbathe!

Third, we recommend you to visit a tanning salon to prepare your skin before the trip.

And some more tips for you to know!

- Avoid red colors in clothing;

- Choose bright and monochrome clothing, a full-length dress with a train would be perfect;

- Sleep well before the photo shoot;

do not drink alcohol or much water before the photo shoot;

- Make sure you have sun protection cream, sunglasses, a towel, water, cleaning wipes, waterproof cosmetics.


Most popular locations for a photo shoot:


Macao is a beautiful public beach. There are several locations where we will take pictures. The place is very nice and gives a lot of positive emotions. Many say, it is the most beautiful place in entire Punta Cana. This is hard to argue.


1_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana.jpg 15_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_punta_cana_0.jpg 36_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_0.jpg 1990_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_macao_0.jpg

Advantages of the photo shoot on Macao beach: the most economical way to get quality and bright pictures on one of the most famous beaches of the Dominican Republic - Macau. Very good option considering "price-quality". Perfect for individual photo shoots and couples in the format of a Love-story.



more details

38_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_wedding_photography_1.jpg 190_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_dominicana_photo_shoot_1.jpg 1580_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_dominicana_photo_shoot_1.jpg 1570_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_dominicana_photo_shoot_1.jpg

The advantages of the photo shoot: the survey is held on a small and beautiful private beach, there are no extraneous people (another photo session may be taken nearby). Beach is cleaned on a daily basis. Major locations: pier, boat, swing.



more details

7_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_punta_cana_1.jpg 430_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_saona_1.jpg 1360_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_punta_saona_1.jpg 18_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_0.jpg

The advantages of the photo shoot: combination of a photo shoot on the Saona island, with a full day personal tour at the Caribbean sea. At the end of the program you will be able to swim with starfish.



more details

a10_0.jpg a80_0.jpg a100_0.jpg a160_0.jpg

Advantages of the photo shoot: premium version of the photo shoot, which includes a variety of pictures in the City of Artists Altos de Chavon, and stroll through its streets to familiarize yourself with all local attractions, visiting a beach in the City of Millionaires with white sand. Option is suitable for any format of the photo shoot.



more details

c5_0.jpg c40_0.jpg c20_0.jpg c30_0.jpg 

The advantages of photo shoot: shooting is done at an elegant residential complex with modern architecture, with the background of yachts and golf courses. We also visit Farallon Hill for a part of a photo shoot where you can make amazingly beautiful shots from the mountain with a display of the Caribbean sea. The photo shoot is also partially held on beach, although it doesn't include a full-fledged shooting in swimsuits. Therefore recommended for people who want unusual shots, looking for a good option for wedding shooting in a fairly deserted place or photo shoot in the format of a love-story.



more details

5_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_2.jpg 1820_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_moscow_0.jpg 37_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_punta_cana_0.jpg 310_photographer_alexander_kuzmin_jaguar_look_best_dominicana_moscow_0.jpg

The advantages of the photo shoot: perfect solution for those who want to get not only photos on the beautiful beach, but also unusual shots on the golf course, with a background of beautiful buildings and town houses, stunning palm trees and ponds. The survey includes two main locations - Macao beach and private residential complex.



more details

10_santo_domingo_dominicana_0.jpg 30_santo_domingo_dominicana_0.jpg 57_santo_domingo_dominicana_0.jpg 70_santo_domingo_dominicana_0.jpg


Getting ready and things to take with you

The most important thing for you is NOT to get SUNBURNT before the photo shoot! Limit sun exposure two days before shooting and no suntan the day before the photo shoot. The night before the shooting, it is recommended not to drink alcohol. The morning of the photo shoot I advise you to do some body exercises.

Bring with you: sunscreen, towel, face towel, hairbrush, cosmetics, water, good mood!))


Photographer in the Dominican Republic Alexander Kuzmin / Jaguar Look Photography +1849.201.3377